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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rufio, Rufio, Ru-Fi-OOOOO

Watch Peter and Rufio:

Twice a week my family sits in a high school gym rooting for my son's basketball team. We spend about five hours watching all three games and for the most part love every minute. We are a sports family and basketball is our favorite. However, we have found that here in Utah, the fans are extremely harsh. They yell at the refs, the coaches, the fans, the players and at other parents. It is rude and appalling.

I have written previously about crazy sports fans and their bad behavior. However, at kids sporting events it is particularly disconcerting. Last week's game truly topped the charts. After a traveling call by the referee, I hear a young voice to the right of me yell out,

“Go back to church ball, Ref!”

I look over and see this comment coming from a boy who could not have been more than four years old. Now, I think that was meant to be a put down, but being that we are not in attendance at church ball games, I would love my readers to fill me in. The point is, however, what was this tot doing yelling at a grownup? Where was the adult in his life teaching him about respect and manners? Oh... they were sitting next to him yelling even worse things at the referee. The hypocrisy in this state unbelievable. These same families sit in church and think they have moral superiority and yet they don't show common decency at at kid's ball game. It is truly crazy to me.

Well, I knew I would be sharing that story but I had no idea that things were about to get worse, much worse. Now, I do need to be fair before recounting this next incident. Our student fan section is organized, loud, funny, and sometimes quite obnoxious. There have been a few times that I have thought they crossed the line and did not represent their school with pride. Having said that, they do show up and support the team every game and for the most part they are good kids.

When the opposing team is shooting a free throw, they loudly jeer,

Rufio, Rufio. Ru-fi-OOOOOOOOO!!”

Loud cheering during free throw shooting is common place at every level of basketball. So, while doing their regular “Rufio” chant during a free throw, a mom from the opposing team turned around and started screaming at our fan section.


I may not remember her exact verbage, but she must have said "gay boys" at least ten times. After her tirade, the parents sitting in her section gave her high fives. Are you kidding me??? I was mortified and our student section was also. The woman who ranted these hateful remarks is none other than the mother of a senior player, and NFL player. I know this because at halftime she and her son were introduced to the entire gym for Senior Night.

I am so sad that I live in a state where this kind of comment is accepted and rewarded. I should not be surprised. Despite the fact that I do need to judge this woman as an individual, I am well aware that she is a member of a church that has openly discriminated against the gay community. So, I do judge her and all of those who gave her the high fives. I may have a glass of wine with my meal and a cup of coffee in the morning, but I will NEVER behave in the ugly manner which I see on a regular basis in high school gyms. So... keep your supposed moral superiority and your shameful comments to yourself. I know who you really are, and so do all the others who witnessed your hideous display. I am sorry the teenagers upset you. But truth is just what Peter said to Rufio...