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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Without hope, life's not worth living." Harvey Milk

What a wonderful and historic day!  I was a teenager in the Bay Area when Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man ever to hold public office in California began his crusade for gay rights in San Francisco.  He called on gay men and women to come "out of the closet" and let their families, friends, and communities know them.  He lost his life in this fight, but I believe that he would be so very proud today!  The Supreme Court struck down DOMA and although this hardly ends discrimination against the LGBTQ community, it is certainly a huge step forward!  I am proud of all the Americans who stepped into this fight and am inspired that the torch lit by Harvey Milk continues to glow brightly despite the bigotry of many in our country.  As I have often said, history marches on, and equality wins out every time regardless of the backwards institutions that try to stem the tide of progress and fairness.  Unfortunately, I live in a state that is light years behind on these issues and will probably remain so for quite a while.  But, like Harvey Milk, today I have hope for the future of our nation.  That hope brings me joy and at this moment that is enough!  Cheers!  Celebrate equality today!