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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Utah Speak" Part 3 - Should Know If You Have Children

Today’s terms are important for those raising children in Utah. My kid’s friends are very busy with church activities. Although Amy and David are never purposely excluded from any of these events, most of their friends attend them so they often feel like outsiders even amongst their peers.

CTR – Choose the Right (often seen on rings and other jewelry)

Family Home Evening - families gather, usually on Monday evening, for family-centered spiritual training and social activities. (My family watches “24” together, does that count?)

Mutual – The Church's auxiliary organization for youth ages twelve through eighteen

Primary - The auxiliary organization in the Church for children from ages eighteen months through eleven years.

Seminary – Weekday religious instruction for secondary school students (In Utah public schools build time for this into the regular school schedule - a pet peeve of mine)

Stake Dance – church sponsored dances for middle school kids

Sunbeam - three year old primary level (thanks Rachel)

Young Men’s/ Young Women’s - The instruction and activity program in the Church for young men or women ages twelve to eighteen


Cameron said...

How come seminary is a pet peeve? Different religions have programs similar to seminary too.

jill said...

They do indeed, but they are not part of the public school day. If Jewish or Catholic kids choose to get religious training, they do it on their own time, and that is how it should be - you know - separation of church and state. In every other state, Mormon kids go to seminary before school and therefore your religion is private. When it is part of the school day - everyone(teachers, ccounselors, administrators etc.) knows just by looking at your schedule whether or not you are an active participant in the LDS church. That is none of the school's business. Hence, the pet peeve!

Cameron said...

there are several lds kids who dont even take seminary. (steve) its only a part of your school day if you choose for it to be. The building isnt even on school ground.. and honestly, I dont see why teachers counselors and administrators would care if they see seminary on your school schedule or not? I dont think they judge students based on the other classes they choose to take.

jill said...

Cam - you are being naive. If only people wouldn't judge you for such things the world would be such a happier place. Your other comment shows that you are bothered when others judge you and form opinions without knowing who you are. Sadly, both Amy and David have been called names and judged harshly more that you would believe. It feels different when you are on the other end and I hope for you that it doesn't happen often. I just try to make others aware what it feels like so they can be more conscious of not doing that. Most of my readers(not all),many of them LDS have thanked me for doing so.