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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh My What???????

Have I mentioned I’m a Californian? Just kidding I know you know, but I feel the need to say it again and again since I am still shell shocked by my move to Utah. I was raised in the San Fernando Valley, the home of the “Valley girl”. You know, the mall loving teenage girls who spout the phrase “OH MY GOD!!!” , hundreds of times a day. Here in Utah, that phrase is swearing – the equivalent to the “F” word really. Whenever my children and I used this expression we seemed to offend someone. Being very considerate people we tried hard to remove the phrase from our daily language. But the first time I heard someone exclaim, “Oh my heck!” I must admit I laughed my head off. I know that sounds rude, but REALLY, come on now it is funny. I am totally used to it now, but it is a rule in my house never to utter that phrase. If we do, I fear we have transformed into true Utahns and .....WE ARE CALIFORNIANS!!! Did I Mention that?


bakerbaubles said...

Just so you know. Although it is not OK to say "Oh my God!" you can say "WTF" or "Motherfffrr" and that is OK.

Really, what is the difference?

Tiggie FOC said...

I just say "Oh my Bast" and that doesn't seem to bother anyone.

Maybe people around here just don't know about the one true cat god..

Anonymous said...

I moved to Utah at the start of my high school years. Growing up in Northern California "Oh my god!" was a phrase I heard nearly twelve million times a day. It was in the midst of biology class in ninth grade that I learned this was an absolute no no in my new home. It was disecting day and the well preserved frogs were belly up, limbs pinned, and ready to go. ( I apologize for the graphic details but trust me I wasn't particularly enjoying myself at this moment either) The moment I saw organs I was a goner. I threw my head to the side, squeezed me eyes shut, and squealed that forbidden phrase at the top of my lungs. My table fell silent. And so did the rest of the classroom for that matter. My lab partners politely asked me not to say that. That it was offensive. "oh...." was my only reply. In truth, at that very moment I thought to myself, "OH MY GOD what is with this place???"

Mary, From the mountains said...

My nice mormon neighbor lady would never be caught saying damn or hell, but has no problem saying frickin or fetch or other "f" word replacements. There's no reasonable explanation as to why replacement words are acceptable, but we probably all use them once in a while. Reminds me of Johnny Dangerously --"You farging bastages!"