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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wasting Away in Mockaritaville

We’ve established that Utah has archaic liquor laws. These are a result of the incredible influence the church has on every aspect of life in Utah. Mormons do not drink – which is just fabulous for them – but I enjoy an occasional cocktail. Once I ordered a margarita at a Mexican restaurant and the waitress asked “Would you like alcohol in it?” WHAT???? Was she deaf, I ordered a margarita – yes I want alcohol – that is kind of the point! Apparently I was wrong, as I just read an article in the Tribune about a new “urbane and trendy” restaurant in Provo that is “heavy on hip and free of booze.” The menu features “mocktails”. Are they crazy????....... Nope, not in Provo they aren’t! Suffice it to say Dave and I will not be frequenting this establishment – no pina-not-a -colada ‘s for us. I am not saying that drinking is hip or chic, but come on – order a cocktail or don’t – either option is fine. But… drinking something that looks like a cocktail and pretending to be hip, trendy or urbane it is just plain Silly!!!!


Teresa said...

This one always surprises me, as growing up "Mormon" in Eastern Idaho we were always admonished to even avoid the "appearance" of evil. If you're going to drink - DRINK. If you aren't going to drink - DON'T. And order a "mocktail" that makes you LOOK like you're drinking because that totally defeats the "hip and urbane" idea ... you are PRETENDING to be something you're not! A drinker!! Personally I'll enjoy my Coors Light on the front porch when neighbors are stopping by to say Hello - and I'll see them at church on Sunday. Hey at least I don't PRETEND to be drinking something I'm not, and have no problems telling someone I do drink. Not hip, trendy, or urbane? I'm okay with that. At the very least I am who I say I am. Church is for sinners, and if the churches nearby smelled like an old beer can for those who attend that PRETEND to be Holier than Thou Saints - you can bet they'd stink to high heaven!!

jill said...

Well Said! This is why I love you Teresa! You are a really good person and that beer doesn't change that fact!