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Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Lighten Up Francis!"

I love people with a sense of humor. Frankly, being able to laugh at all the things life is bound to throw at you is a great skill. We laugh in our house A LOT!!! We laugh at ourselves and those around us. Dave’s family has a tradition of really teasing those they love. It is considered a sign of affection. Dave loves me loads – hence I am the butt of many jokes. Over the years I have had to develop a thick skin.

That thick skin serves me well. Now, I am not going to lie. I am a sensitive soul who can get her feelings hurt, but within our family I know most of the banter is all in good fun. I guess I have even picked up on this habit, as I do poke fun at things that amuse me, irritate me, or just confuse me. I wish I could do it more often, as when I do, I am a happier person and clearly more fun to be around. Nothing feels better than making someone laugh.

I hope my readers will continue to laugh along with me and put up with my occasional serious side. Next time we feel angry or unpleasant, let’s all just take a moment, breathe, and “Lighten Up Francis!”


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said... is Sukkot going with this chilly weather???? Want for me to drop by with patio heater?
Are you enjoying meeting everyone in your neighborhood?

I had a friend who celebrated in an apartment complex. By the time the holiday was over, he knew everyone!

(Actually Sukkot in cold weather here beats the heck out of Sukkot in hot muggy mosquito infested Gulf Coast! Oy the Manna Hut and order pizza already.)

wolffie said...

Hi JIll,

I really like what you have written. I wish that people could open thier eyes and hearts and realize that no matter what religion we choose to practice ( or not) we all have the right to our beliefs and to have them in peace. isn't the source of religion to be a child of god and live in grace and dignity? keep on writing. i'll keep on reading!!


mjhrbiz said...

Great blog. Thanks for calling out truth that people need to hear. It is not bashing to state your experiences and to hopefully allow people to recognize that life in the same place can be different if you are on the outside.