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Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Whoa...Dream Big!'

I had a lovely lunch last week with my fabulous daughter and a few of her friends. Her life is good and she is very happy. She is thriving at school and enjoys the independence of living on her own. She is challenged in her classes and loves learning in the college environment. Most of all, she loves the freedom to be herself and to express her opinions. Her fellow students come from all over the world. They are democrats, republicans and independents. They are Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. They are straight and gay. They are a rainbow of colors and backgrounds.

Debate and discussion are encouraged at her university. When students have differing opinions, they are talked about in a civil manner. Ridicule and name calling are not necessary in a place where respect for diversity is the rule of behavior.

I am so proud that she feels comfortable in that type of environment. It confirms that we raised her to be a loving, accepting and open minded human being. In hindsight, our move to Utah helped to strengthen the core values we taught her. It actually showed her exactly what kind of person she did not want to be.

Many of my closet friends are of different faiths and do not share my political beliefs. So what? We care about each other and we know that good people come in all shapes and sizes. My children grew up living that basic truth. Thank goodness they won’t ever settle for all the same! For the many young people who are afraid to branch out and accept others who are different, I say “Whoa…Dream Big!


wolffie said...

I am so happy that Amy is finding her comfort zone in college!!! Diversity is always a great thing. Too bad some cultures don't embrace it.


wolffie said...

lets be honest..if your gonna drink at clooege..your gonna drink if you are in a coed dorm or same sex dorm. a lot oc campusus are offering alocohol free kids have a CHOICE where they want to live...not a COMMAND!!! i would not like it if my religion TOLD me how to raise my kids...OMG!!!

Lisa said...

Can you tell I'm playing catch up? I've loved going to school at the U. I'm taking a death and dying class this semester and since personal beliefs play a big part in everyone's views of death, we've had a chance to hear so many different beliefs. We had a chance this last class to hear some amazing things. It was about life after death and we have an atheist in our class who shared his views of death as just being the complete end and nothing comes after and quite a few other views. I love hearing what everyone believes and I'm glad Amy is getting that too. I sure love your family!