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Monday, January 4, 2010

"After All....Tomorrow is Another Day!!!"

Scarlett O’Hara has always been one of my favorite movie characters. My good friend recently asked me how I could possibly like her. Well, despite the fact that she was quite horrible at times, I admired her ability to move on and meet every challenge she faced. Although, I certainly didn’t approve of many of her actions, I wish I possessed more of her strength and will to survive whatever life brings.

As 2010 begins, my family is struggling with many transitions. My hope for this year is that we will make these changes in a smooth manner and that everyone will be content with the outcomes. Change is often frightening and the unknown causes a lack of sleep. I am going to try to make this year one that embraces all the upcoming changes in our lives. No doubt, this road may be rocky, but the four of us are accustomed to difficult paths. We are a family that gets stronger as things get more difficult. We rally around each other and are fierce in our support.

It is funny how when times are hard, you find out who is in your corner. Although it is disappointing when some are less than sympathetic or helpful, it is an important lesson to know who you can always count on. Over the years, we have been blessed with many friends that have helped us along the way and remain so grateful for their place in our lives. We have friends that have been a constant for over thirty years and friends that have recently become a part of our extended family. I cannot imagine our lives without all these fabulous people. So, knowing that we truly do have strong and loyal people behind us, my family will find our way through 2010 and no matter what it holds we will be content with that good fortune. I look forward to this year and know that although change is imminent, love and joy surround us. Today may look a bit cloudy, but “after all….tomorrow is another day!!"


Melissa Rees said...

Hope everything works out for you! I think alot of people are glad to have 2009 behind them.

Mary, From the mountains said...

I love your blog. Take heart and know that even strangers like me are pulling for you.

Starlit Path said...

As your friend and supporter, I know your family will weather any storm with brilliance and tenacity. You guys are just that good. Love you! XO