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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Words,Words, Words...."

Eliza Doolittle is another one of my favorite movie characters. In the wonderful song “Show Me” she proclaims to Freddy ….”Don’t talk of stars burning above, if you’re in love – SHOW ME!” Well, I suppose I can understand her frustration - actions do speak louder than words. However, I also know that words have enormous power and they changed Eliza’s life! Her newfound ability to communicate and use words in a different manner gave her opportunities she would never have had before.

I just finished an amazing book called The Book Thief by Mark Zusak. It is a WWII story about the power of words. In this book, words were the cause of much hardship, but also tremendous comfort. It was certainly a lesson in the value of all of our words and I loved it. I have been thinking about the book for days and pondering all the ways that words have influenced my life.

Words bring me pleasure, laughter, comfort, love, entertainment, fear, sorrow, and disappointment. A good book takes me places I thought I could never go and introduces me to characters that I love. Words can totally transform my world for a time. Lyrics from songs also evoke a vast range of feelings. I am moved by the words of great orators like Obama, King and Ghandi, and frightened by words of hate which are so prevalent during current times.

Whoever said, “Stick and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is pretty naive. Talk with anyone who has had a verbally abusive parent, spouse, boss, or friend and I think they will tell you they disagree. Words can hurt!!! Ask a child who has been the victim of a racial slur. Ask a student whose teacher has told them they were stupid or an athlete whose coach has verbally ripped them to shreds in front of teammates. Ask anyone who has had words used against them and they will surely tell you they are hurtful. It is, however, what you do with that hurt that counts. It is most definitely how you use your words that can mend not just your own wounds, but hopefully the wounds of others.

The main character in The Book Thief finds a source of healing in words. Through reading and writing she survives the insurmountable. This book will stay with me a long time and I am going to value all the words in my life more. Words can heal….I love you…..I am proud of you….I am sorry …what can I do to help…..” Words can truly be a gift. Thank you all for reading my words and following my blog. I am truly grateful!

Watch Eliza in all her glory:

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

It is a treat that our world both external and internal can be shared via word using this amazing media!

I read a study where two writing groups were given feedback: one group got highly critical but accurate feedback, the second group received praise for their writing. More books were eventually published by the second group...they felt uplifted and could continue to explore the craft and grow. May all our words be used to bless others and their potential.