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Monday, February 18, 2013

"But why is the rum gone?" Jack Sparrow

Saturday's newspaper had a couple giggle producers.  The first was an article titled, "Bill: Once and for all, you can order drink before food."   The article tries to clarify the confusion which has erupted recently over whether or not it is illegal to order   alcohol before food.  You see, it would seem Utah lawmakers have a lot of time on their hands as they are " considering a bill to clarify Utah liquor laws to make it clear diners are allowed to look at menus while sipping alcoholic beverages without placing an order of food."  Scandalous I know...

On another note, the front page headline read, "Having a baby?  Wait for good air".  I mentioned the air quality here in Salt Lake City in my last blog.  It is literally so bad here that doctors are recommending when it is healthiest to try and conceive a child.  The president of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment actually is quoted as saying, "get out of Salt Lake City to conceive."  This is certainly disturbing news for anyone who lives here and considers breathing important.  Yet, our state legislators are quite busy with other pressing matters such as when I can or cannot order a drink in a restaurant.  As much as I enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, I am actually more concerned about the horrible air I am breathing.  Oh well, while I am driving less to do my part for better air quality I am also quite sure I can't make any profound changes on my own.  I just opened the liquor cabinet...thank goodness my rum is not gone!

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